Pictures From My Classes

Pictures from class I've taught:
July 2015
The Halloween Panel
taught Sat. Sept 26


The Christmas Panel
taught Sat. July 11
Below are 3 of the 5 students in the class

Here are the panels that the students completed

June 2015
Card class Sat. June 20 
Cards the Wendy Vecchi Way
(featuring Wendy Vecchi stamps and stencils and Clearly for Art Modeling Film)
6 students attended this class
Unfortunately these pics really don't show off the Modeling Film but this product is pretty cool to work with. It reminds me of shrinky dink, but the film does not shrink. When this product is heated it does allow for the film to be bent and as the film cools it will retain that bend. Don't like the bend, reheat and bend it differently.

This product is a great product to give a 3-D effect.

The blooms and some of the foliage used the Modeling film
 All the students did the same projects but chose different colors which made their work unique.
The small square was made into a magnet, perfect for the fridge

March 2015

Card class March 21
featuring Art Gone Wild stamps and a Waterfall card.
images coming soon

March Techniques Class - 
The Alcohol Inks Techniques 
March 14

The Polished Stone Technique
This has been around for quite a while and  always makes a great background.
The color combinations are really endless.

OK now to punch it up a notch
Use stencils with your alcohol inks

When using stencils with alcohol inks, any black outline you see in the pics was done after the the stencils and the inks were used and dried. The black pen was used to add an outline to further define the images in the stencils.

This was a great class and the end results are really diverse.

**********February Card Class********

A  Step Up - Step Cards
(Due to bad weather this class was postponed until March 7)
This class waas a fun class with cards that had a step theme

Center Step Card

3 Step Card

3 Step Card with a card front attached

3 Step Card with a card front opened

Feb Techniques ClassS - 
 Stencils, Sprays and More Class 
Feb 14, 2015
This class guided students thru using sprays, using stencils, on gessoed papers and watercolor papers.

The ladies did awesome work and had a fabulouds time.


The next techniques class will be Sat. March 14 - Alcohol Inks


Altered Book for Cards Class 
Jan. 31, 2015
This was the last opportunity for this class. I had 3 students in this class and they all loved the class. Let me share some pics with you from their books

 Altered Book for Cards Class 
Jan. 24, 2015

In this class I taught how to prep the book and get it ready for additional items,(cards and embellishments)  to be added. The students painted the pages and then added Christmas cards. I also had 2 students use their book to showcase their travels with postcards and other items saved from their trips.
I preped the books by getting the pages ready for the students and then I brought paints, inks, sponges  embellishments and papers for the students to use as they added their cards into their book. This book is a super way to spotlight those special cards to save and look back on them in the future.

Below are some of the altered pages made by the 6 students in this class.

Everyone loved this class. This is the 2nd class I have held and I have one more class, Sat. Jan. 31 at Simply Said Rubber Stamps I have 2 more seats available.

Update 3-7-15
here is more from one of the students, 
she is almost finished.She brought this in to show what she has added,
Her book is gorgeous. 
What a work of art. 
Great job Kate.

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