Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Goodbye to my best friend.....

Sorry I haven't posted in a while.My best friend, Helen, passed away June 20 after a long (8 years) and courageous battle with cancer. She was off from work, taking a deserved rest on disability , and she got sick on June 6, her mother took her to the hospital and she never came home. She was a trooper from the word, go. She hardly ever complained and if you saw her you would never know she had cancer.

Ann, Helen's mother, is 85 and lived next to Helen, so they could take care of each other. Helen's wish always was to live 1 day longer than her mother so her mother would not have to endure the pain of losing Helen. Unfortunately that was not to be. I miss my good friend already, as I had not spoken to her since right before she went to the hospital. Helen is in a better place and I can hear her saying "simply amazing". And she was just that. Yesterday I read a poem by Linda Ellis. This poem sounds as if it were written just for Helen. Please click here to read this wonderful poem called The Dash.I do hope you enjoy the poem. The picture below was taken the day we went to see "Bodies, the Exhibit". We both loved that show and we had a great time. That was the last time I saw Helen. That was early May.We spoke every week and the last time I spoke to her was right before she went to the hospital.

Helen's visitation and burial was Monday June 23.


This is a Thomas Kincade stamp and I thought this was very fitting. So here is the card I made for Ann.

Helen will be missed by many, as she had so many friends.


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kybarb said...

Sorry to hear that you have lost a good friend. I know how hard that is. Love the poem and your card! Take care. Barb