Sunday, April 4, 2010

Is it an envelope??? (part 2)

Friday I posted a cute little box that I made from an envelope die cut that I own. Thought you would like to see how this is done. So here we go.

I started with 4 identical envelopes that I cut from an Accucut Die that I own.

Next, from only 2 of the envelopes, I cut off the sides that look like wings.(This particular die automatically punches holes in the top and bottom flap portion of the envelope.) I made the cut at the score line on the two sides.

From the remaining two envelopes, I left about 1/4" from the score line cutting off the rest.
So, now with the sides trimmed or cut off, this are what my pieces looked like.

On the two pieces that have a 1/4" left on the sides, I attached redline tape to the 1/4" tab, both sides, both pieces.
Next you will want to line up your pieces in an alternating fashion. Starting with a piece with a tabs then a piece with no tabs, etc. I removed the redline tape and attached each piece to the next piece at the score line until I had all 4 pieces attached to each other.

Finally to make the box shape. Fold at each of the score lines on the sides and attach that last tab to the side with no tab and your box has now taken its shape.

Finally, to finish the bottom, fold the flaps in at the score lines and add redline tape, this makes the bottom permanently closed. Since the envelope I am using has holes punched in the flaps I then cut a bottom using the same cardstock that matched the panels I added to the front to further finish off the bottom on the inside. However you can use cardstock to match the box if you prefer.

With the bottom completed, I wanted to change the top flaps, so I trimmed them down so they were about 1" from the score line. Next I took a border punch and punched the border on that smaller flap.

(I should have changed the top flaps before I attached the last flap to make the box shape, but you know, sometimes, we see other things to do after the project is almost done. At least I do. Now you know you may still be able to make the change to the top at this late stage in the process.)

The last two steps were to add a decorative panel to each of the 4 sides and add a handle. When I made the handle I used the border punch again and punched a strip and adhered it to the inside of the box and now you have a really cute box made from envelopes.

And who would have thought these panels started out as envelopes?????
(Sorry for the quality of all these photos.)

This box would be ideal for a treat box at a table for a kids party or for adults or whatever. If you leave the top tabs untrimmed you can fold those tabs, add a bow at the top and it will look nice for a beautiful gift inside. You know, part of the present is in the presentation.

Well that is it for now, thanks for stopping by, see you soon,



Donna Ellis said...

Oh my, Barbara! You have been busy! Love seeing what you have done with the boxes. The wedding projects are beautiful! TFS your artwork and techniques with the rest of us!

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