Sunday, May 23, 2010


Today I learned a new art technique. Now, enameling is definitely not new, but I had never done it before so it is new to me. I found that the technique is pretty easy and here are my first attempts at enameling.

Here is the first piece that I enameled today.

                 Next I got a little bolder and made this masterpiece.

Ok, here is the third piece. Adding more colors and expermenting more.

Here is the last piece I did. It is a metal bowl and this pic shows the enameling powder applied to the surface. The oven is about 1400 degrees and melts the powder onto the metal surface.

And here is the bowl after it baked for about 3 1/2 minutes. I thought it came out pretty good for my first day working on enameling.

I have always loved enameled pieces and was so happy to get to learn the enameling process. So here are the masterpieces I finished today. This is something I would like to go further with. So time will tell.
(Sorry for the glare on these pictures, since the surface is shiney, the photos show the overhead lights at the studio.)


Well that is it for now, Thanks for stopping by, see you soon,


Donna Ellis said...

Barbara, your enameling projects are GORGEOUS! I haven't tried this yet, and am jealous. The colors look well blended. So what will you do with your newly created masterpieces? ;-)

Barbara Bruder said...

The little bowl, I guess will be sitting somewhere in my house. The other pieces, I think will become jewelry pieces.

Next time I go, I am making a soap dish for my half bath.

Glad you likes these. Hope you get to try this, it is cool to do.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pieces!