Friday, June 11, 2010

Glitter.... Glitter.... Everywhere

Hi Everyone
Thought I would make a few cards using glitter and a brass stencil. I have quite a few brass stencils from the days that dry embossing was done by hand. Back then we used a brass stencil, a stylus and a light box. The results were quite nice. Since I am one who rarely gets rid of my craft stuff, now I have found another use for those stencils.

I used sticky paper and attached my stencil over that. I allowed for a border beyond the stencil and then I cut the sticky paper.Next I carefully applied glitter around the edge to make the gold border. I also added gold glitter to the star at the end of Santa's hat. I happened to have a glitter that is a flesh color and used that to "color " in his face. Next, I used a bridal glitter to cover the white areas and then added the red for the hat. I pealed the brass template off the sticker paper and added the blue to the remaining sticky area, which makes the background. I mounted the finished glittered image to cardstock for stability. Next, I assembled the card. The star at the end of the hat was calling to me, so, I have a small star hand punch and used that to punch stars on the card front. I closed the card and using a glue pen, I traced those punched stars and added gold glitter. When the card is opened you will see the glittery star theme on the inside.This turned out so nice.

Here is another card that I made using a beautiful flower stencil.Perfect for this time of year. This technique is really quite easy to do and the results are stunning.

And now you have a use for those stencils that you have laying around.

The background on this card itself, was made using an embossing folder from the UK. I picked a few of the UK folders at the Heirloom show last weekend.

The hardest thing when doing these cards, was taking the picture without a glare. Hope you enjoyed these cards.

Well that is it for now, thanks for stopping by and see you soon,


Hopemore Studio said...

Very nice Barb! You know how much I love glitter... these are serious eye candy.


creativearts said...

What a great idea! I have a lot of the brass stencils also and hopefully I can remember to try this! I love pulling out "old" things and using them in new ways. Great way to use SNS glitter!! thanks so much.

Donna Ellis said...

Wow! These stencil cards with glitter are amazing! What a great class that would make. Imagine what pretty Christmas ornaments hanging from the tree! Sparkling idea! :-)