Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Treasures from Sunday's Antique Show

Sunday was the 3rd Sunday of the month and I made my monthly trek to the Burlington Antique Show. And it was hotter than blue blazes. The thermometer registered around 100 and the sun was shining with very little shade. I made my usual rounds and wanted to stop at one of the booths that I stopped at last month. I searched high and low and she wasn't at the spot she was at last month. Last month I bought the angel wire man and a metal fence piece at this boot, they had some incredible buys. So I was bummed that they were not at their usual spot.Next I stopped at a booth where a lady sells the most fantastic beads for bracelets. These beads work well with a bracelet that I already have and I just needed a few to finish it up. So I bought what I needed. I also ran across a booth that sells lace and rick rack and other goodies and I found two treasures. I bought 1 yard of the off white lace you see in the picture and she also had this other small ribbon and I bought it all. There was about 5 yards and I figured it would look nice on cards. The bracelet in the picture shows the beads that I picked up for a song. As I was almost done with my booth browsing I finally ran across those ladies I had been looking for who sold the wire pieces. They had been assigned to a different spot and assured me they will be back next month weather permitting and they will bring wire stuff. (Hope it doesn't rain). Of course they do not have an assigned space so I will be hunting them down.

Some of you may have noticed a picture of Coco, my assistant, here on my blog. Well tonight I was checking some of my emails and getting things ready to take to CHA and Coco strolled in and sat down right on my work area. Right in the middle of everything. You know how cats are, they own everything and all the spaces they can get in or on. So I thought I 'd share a few pic's I captured of my dear cat who is almost always with me, sharing my chair here in my studio.
As I type this she is sitting on the back of my chair.

And here Coco is, guarding the stuff going with me to CHA. Margaret will be excited to know Coco is on duty and making sure everything is safe and sound.(LOL)
I am hoping to be able to post next week and share with you pictures of new products and such. I will be at the Sparkle N Sprinkle booth throughout the show doing demos, so, I don't know how much time I will have to get to walk around, so stop back next week as I try to get you informed. I am so excited and am looking forward to going back to CHA.

That's it for now, thanks for stopping by, see you soon,


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Hopemore Studio said...

Barb, Great find with the ribbon, it is so different.

Have fun at CHA we'll miss ya, can't wait to hear about all your adventures when you're back.