Monday, September 13, 2010

Throw away paper transformed into beautiful flowers

I use paper that I call "stamp off" paper. You probably do too. This is paper I use to make sure I have the stamp right side up. Trust me, I have made mistakes and this stamp off paper does help. I make notes on this paper, I test marker colors, you know, this is the paper that becomes a test spot. What do you do with your stamp off paper?? Probably throw it away. Well, I save mine and when it gets full of stamped images or has a lot of ink on it from brayered backgrounds then it gets set aside . When I am ready to re-use it for it's next life, I add Color Wash or Tattered Angels Mist to the paper to further enhance it. I add 2 or 3 different colors of the Color Wash and/or Tattered Angels sprays over both sides of this paper and then let it dry.

After the paper is dry, I get my dies out and cut the paper up in these great flower shapes.

Then, I work some magic and wind up with paper flowers that look similar to those ones you see in scrapbook stores or those big box stores. And by doing this, reusing that stamp off paper, you are being "green".


Look at the end results, beautiful aren't they!! You can use these on cards, scrapbook pages, gift bags , make a pretty pin, the list is endless. I am sure you will come up with other uses.

So, start saving that paper you throw away and re purpose it, make something beautiful out of it.

Well that is it for now, thanks for stopping by, see you soon,


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Anonymous said...

What a fab idea and what beautiful flowers! Way to go!