Sunday, January 2, 2011

Storage Jar

I just finished up on a project last nite late and today as I was straightening up, I decided I needed  storage for scissors etc. close to my Big Shot. Yesterday, as I took my vitamins, I noticed the plastic container the vitamins come in was just about empty. (And that container is pretty big.) At that time I wondered what I could use that container for. And today, it came to me.

OK, so, what do you get when you combine an empty plastic vitamin container, paintable wallpaper and of course, paints??? 
Why, you get a faux metal container. Here are 2 views.

Thought I would briefly share how I did this.

You will want to get:
paintable wallpaper
copper acrylic paint
hazelnut acrylic paint
sage green acrylic paint
empty plastic container
Matte Medium
Matte Finish (spray)
Foam Brushes

I bought this paintable wallpaper a few years ago. I fell in love with it because it resembles the old tin ceiling tiles. I have used paper off this roll for so many different projects, it's kind of my go to paper for lots of things. Paintable wallpaper is hard to find, at least here in my area. I was able to find his at Lowe's. You may find some there or at a wallpaper store or a paint store. This pattern is just so cool and the squares are just the right size for this container. First, I cut the wallpaper to the desired size. (Set aside for now.) Next I painted the exposed areas on the plastic container. I started off with the sage green, next, I painted the copper all over the green, using a dry brush technique. Then, I used the hazelnut to tone down the copper paint. You will want to make sure the paint is dry before adding your next color. I even painted the bottom and the rim.. Set the container aside to make sure its thoroughly dry.
Next, take the wallpaper and start with a base of hazelnut, painting this color all over the whole piece. Let dry, then apply copper all over, using a light hand, sort of like a dry brush technique. Last, using the sage green, lightly dry brush over the raised areas of the wallpaper. You will want to look at the whole piece of wallpaper to see if this is looking like old copper. If  you need to tone down the copper, you can use the hazelnut and if you need to add patina, then use more sage. You will get the look of old metal using these 3 colors, you will just have to play with the colors and their combination to get the right effect. And every project will be different as to how much of each of these colors you use.

To adhere the paper to the container, I used Matte Medium by Liquidtex or Golden. This works great and I use this often in many projects that I need to adhere paper to stuff. Works great in collage projects and a whole host of other uses. Let everything dry then seal the whole piece with Krylon Matt Finish spray.

Now this is ready to hold tools and will not look like a plastic vitamin container. It's time for you to try this fun project. Try it and see how yours turns out. I am sure it look great.

Hope your new year is off to a good start.

Well that is it for today, thanks for stopping by, see you soon,


Hopemore Studio said...

Barb, I really like your storage idea, thanks for sharing the directions. I still have some of the paintable wallpaper you gifted to me, perhaps I need to start putting it to use too!

Happy New Year!

Donna said...

wow! This is something I would love! I wonder if it would be possible to use a light grade cardstock, embossing folder, and glue -- after painting, using embossing powder over some of the area to bring out another texture? hmmmm, I may need to try this... You're always coming up with new ideas and ways of using our crafting supplies, Barbara! Thanks!

Creator's Touch said...

wow, this is a really neat project! great job!
i hope you dont mind me getting to you over here, but ive been trying to contact you over at the hive,, and havent heard back from you.... but i need you to re-send me your mailing information so i can get your prize of in the mail to you!! please and thanx,,,( then you can always get rid of this comment if you want.LOL hugs (((())))