Monday, April 25, 2011

The Easter knock off purse.

Hi Everyone,

I opened my mail the other day and looked thru those coupons that come in the blue envelope from val-pak. I usually don't even open that thing but that day I did. Low and behold, an ad in there caught my eye. It was from Baskin Robbins and there was a pic of an ice cream cake in the shape of a purse. Too cute I thought.

I was invited to an Easter dinner at my friend Robin's and I always take a homemade something. So, as soon as I spied this, I figured I could make this.
So................. I went and bought a cake mix and icing and all the other things I needed to decorate the cake. And here is my take on that cake,

Ok, the decorating on the cake is a little crooked. Those handles, they are chipboard covered with scotch tape and then covered with icing. The hardest part was the decorating of the cake. I will probably make another one again, just because it's too cute. I am just calling this my knock off purse.LOL

Hope your Easter was a wonderful day. Here in the Greater Cincinnati area we had another day of off and on rain. Yippee!! I guess it could be worse, could be snow. Now that would be BAD.

I am working on a few things for promised projects and I do have something I will share with you all before the end of the week. Stay dry if you are in a wet area and have a great week!!

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Anonymous said...

Did the cake taste as good as it looks? I like the look and will try it myself. Great idea.