Saturday, July 2, 2011

Re purpose

Hi Everyone

 On my last post I mentioned that I wanted to share with you 2 items that I found that could be re purposed and used for card making, altered art, or even scrap booking. I live in the greater Cincinnati area and we have a brand of potato chips known as Husman's. These are sinfully good.                                                    

Well the other day I was getting ready to throw away an empty bag and I finally noticed the inside. It is silver.But the bag is not paper, its more of a Mylar type stuff and I wondered if it could be used in cards. So I decided to try to use it in an embossing folder. It works!! It holds the emboss and does not lose the design over time. Yea!!! OK that is re purpose #1.

All right, here is  re purpose #2.  I really like Fig Newton's and lately there have been a few TV ads for Newton Fruit Thins. OK so I buy a package and they are just OK.(I'll stick to my Fig Newtons thank you). Anyway. The bag these are packaged in is not that Mylar stuff, its more like paper AND the inside is silver. Again, I wondered about that packaging as something that can be used on our cards/scrapbooks.

Again, I tried to use an embossing folder on this and boy it works even better.So I decided to use this on a card. Next,I decided on a stamp and here is what I came up with..

So sometimes we throw away things that will work great and look cool on our cards so look at this stuff( I guess stuff is a good name to use for all the things we dispose of).

BTW I used Copic Markers to color the circles on that silver packaging. And alcohol inks would work really well on this and the Mylar packaging because its not absorbent, it's a smooth surface. Try things, the worst it can be is that it doesn't work and you wind up throwing it out!!! LOL

Well that is my re purpose info for you today. Sunday is my regular Bi Weekly post at Just Imaging Kreations. Stop over there to see what I have come up with using some of their cool 4 in 1 punches.

That is it for today, thanks for stopping by


Donna Maligno said...

Honest to goodness, you are unreal! I LOVE what you've done here! I'm going trash digging to see what valuable stuff I might have thrown away. What an inspriation, Barb.

Donna Ellis said...

The cards are beautiful, but I want to know what happened to the unwanted cookies! Did you force feed them to Frank? LOL Seriously, the ideas are terrific. At the price of cardstock, it might be more frugal to purchase certain food products, feed the family, and then create a card on the side!

Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

Barbara, what a great idea. We don't have these chips in SC, but I promise I now will be checking all my bags of goodies. So many times I needed the special foil just like you said. Thank you for the tip and a Big CONGRATULATIONS on you position as a DT member of Art Impressions.

Carole said...

I love it! Recycle reuse re purpose. Great looking ingenious card:)

Carole said...

Cely posted your link that's how I got here!