Monday, July 18, 2011

The Saturday nite shower

Hi Everyone.
In my last post I mentioned I had to tend to my soggy basement. Well here is what happened. I was up really really late Saturday nite, til 3:45 fact. I went to bed and had the TV on and still awake about 4:00 a.m., when I heard what sounded like a faucet had been turned on. So, I got up to see if the toilet was running, nothing on the 2nd floor was running, so I checked the 1st floor, 1/2 bath, nope, kitchen nope. But I noticed the water sound was louder, so I went to the basement and the water was gushing over at the stationary tub area. It was like a hose was on and it was going full force. I couldn't get the water turned off so I ran back up 2 flights of stairs, got Frank out of bed and ran back down to the basement.(I am sure it would have been funny to see me at this point.I was drenched) I stood there w/ my hand over the "waterfall" trying to direct it into the stationary tub as best as I could. By now Frank turned off the main water supply. The water had been shooting 8 feet in the air. It was getting the floor joists wet and was dripping down and all the clean clothes that I had hanging in front of the dryer got wet.Good thing was this was clean water.

We looked to see what the problem was and the hose going to from the water pipe to the wash machine had a hole in it. I guess after 25 years of use it gave out. So I've had to re-dry all my clean clothes that were hanging, pull up carpeting, wipe water off  storage shelves, move stuff etc.The good thing is my studio which is also in the basement was unharmed. The water was shooting away from the studio. Thank the Lord for that.

I am still drying clothes and washing rags and getting things put back together. Another day and all will be back to normal. Yahoo!!!

As I look back on this escapade, it's a good thing the clothes were hanging where they were, they took the brunt of the water. Also it was a good thing that I was up late, otherwise I would have not heard that water for a while and the drain in the basement probably would not have been able to handle all that water. This could have been major. It just turned into an inconvenience.

OK now I am semi, back to normal so here is a card to tease your creative juices with.

This scarecrow is from Sparkle N Sprinkle in set 227.I decided to use a embossing folder that looks like a bunch of sticks. Used that on green CS and added some glitter using a glue pen. This reminded me of a field with flowers. Tied a bow and this is done. BTW, I colored that scarecrow image with Copic markers.

Well that is it for today. I have to get back to my clothes drying (LOL)
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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Hopemore Studio said...

Barbara! What craziness. I'm so glad to read that although your basement is in chaos your studio is safe and sound. Maybe you should head over my way later this week.