Saturday, August 27, 2011

A late evening snacker

Hi Stampers

I just had to share these pics with you all. Tuesday evening about 11:30, I was changing a banner on my storm door and I looked down and low and behold I had a late night snacker on my porch. I have 2 cats that come by and I always have food out for them. One cat lives in the neighborhood but she is very scrawny and has become somewhat matted and always looks so sad. The other cat has just about moved in. I think someone dumped him off. He looks just like Morris the cat. And my 2 cats that I have had for 10+ years  are not too happy with that new arrangement... yet, but they will get used to him. Anyway, I look out on the porch and there is this huge raccoon. Chowing down on the cat food and drinking all their water. So I go get my camera and he is still there still eating and drinking, so I snap a few pic's thru the storm door. He doesn't even seem bothered I am there. I knock on the door and even crack the door and whistle. He still acts unfazed. I snap a few more pic's I was really trying to get him to turn around and look at me thru the storm door, I wanted a pic full face, but he wouldn't cooperate. Here are the 2 best shots, and sorry for the glare since these shots are taken thru the storm door w/ glass in it.

What a beautiful creature this raccoon is. My 2 cats were really fascinated with this guy and he was twice the size of them. After he finished the food and water he left for the evening. I think he comes by every nite. One night last week there were 2 of these critters chowing down on my porch. I guess when it gets dark I will have to remember to bring in the food and water. And no, I would not even attempt to pet these guys, even though I'd love to, common sense tells me otherwise.

Stop back tomorrow, I have a card for you.


Shona Erlenborn said...

We had one go after the garbage can last week!

Hopemore Studio said...

Oh goodness, don't pet

It is intriguing watching them though form the protection of your storm door. I've heard raccoons are very ingenious...make sure your newest one stays clear of them.

Donna Ellis said...

It's always nice seeing how wildlife manages to survive in urban and suburban areas, isn't it? We consider them pests, though. LOL Great photos!

Anonymous said...

You are so right about them being ingenious! We had some on our roof (2 story) looking to get in we guessed. The only way we could think that they got there was up a tall evergreen tree! Unless they can climb gutters?
Wild animals are amazing to watch, but always from afar. Be careful, he may not be happy that the food source disappears!