Sunday, August 28, 2011

Smile with your Heart

Hi Stampers,
The punch used in today's card is from Just Imagine/Kreations, and I used punch #917 . It's a cool punch, it has hearts on it.  When I ordered it, I had envisioned using it for Valentine's Day, and I'm sure I will. However the punch goes great with the stamps I am using on today's card. It's funny how things just fall into place.

The 4-in-1 punches are quite the bargain. What other punches give you all that versatility with one punch. I am always amazed with the different looks you can achieve when you use the inserts that come with each of the 4-in-1 punches. This punch has wide versatility and will work with many different themes besides Valentine's Day. I can see it used on a scrapbook layout with pic's of the family, love, the grand kids, your husband, the kids, you get the picture. I am sure you will think of many many more themes and uses. Make sure to look at the whole array of Kreations Punches. I'll bet you see something that will be just right for your project.

The stamps set used on the today's card are part of a set from {ippity} stamps. It is set IPK-120. Click here to go to the {ippity} store for a great selection of stamps.

I also received a blog award yesterday from Denise at Lala's World. I met Denise thru Crafter's  Companion and I am very honored that she would bestow this award on me. Thank you so much Denise!!!

As part of this award I have to answer the following 12 questions and pass this on to 5 people. Here are the answers to my questions: 

Name your favorite color? 
Black - I wear it a lot

Name your favorite song?

Rolling in the Deep - by Adele

Name your favoirte dessert?
Cherry Pie (but I love all sweets)

What wizzes you off at the moment? 

Can't think of any particular thing

Your favorite pet? 

My cats, all 2 sometimes 3 of them

Black or white? 

Black  of course

Your biggest fear? 

Best feature? 

Sense of humor

Everyday attitude? 

Go with the flow

What is perfection? 

a spring day

Guilty pleasure? 


When you're upset? 
I gripe

I want to pass on this award to friends that I've met along the way. Some of these ladies I've known longer than others, some I've met thru the internet, but each has touched me in various ways. It's always nice to recognize people and their efforts and pay it forward. 

Linda aka Lovely Linda

Each of these ladies has given me support and has been there when I needed them in more ways than one. They support me with comments and believe me when I say, I cherish each and every comment from everyone who leaves a comment. These ladies cheer me on and inspire me as well, and continue to make me stretch my imagination and my abilities.

Please do me a favor and check out their blogs and get to know these ladies, they are all great artists in their own right.

Thanks for stopping in and have a great day. 

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Donna Ellis said...

Barbara, this is such a darling card - I like how the punches are stamped, too, even all the way to to corners! Have to get that saying! It's the greatest! Thank you for the Blog Award!