Friday, December 23, 2011

Boxes of Cherry Bombs

Hi Everyone,
Well are you done?? Are you still wrapping?? Are you just doing the last minute things?? Me too.

Last night I made some "Cherry Bombs". I know, you are asking what are "cherry bombs"? And just to let you know,these do not go KaBoom. And they are so easy to make, and if you are done with everything else you could still make them. No lie!!! OK here goes, I used those small cupcake/muffin tins, some small cupcake papers, a brownie mix and maraschino cherries.  Line the tins with the cupcake papers. Make the brownie mix according to the box. Fill the cupcake papers (less than 1 Tbsp per paper) and then add 1 cherry to the center of the batter and bake for about 15 min. at 350. Don't over cook and as soon as a tooth pick comes out clean, pull them out of the oven. These are so yummy. They make about 3 doz. and I made these to take to my friends at the bank branch close to my house and to my friend Robin, tomorrow nite.

I want to show you the boxes I made to take those cherry bombs over to the bank employees.

Here are the 3 boxes that are going to the bank and each will be filled with the brownies. To make the boxes I used white CS and after I cut these out, I sprayed them with Denim ColorWash. Next, I over sprayed with Pearl Glimmer Mist. Then I cut and adhered the snowflakes to the 4 sides of the boxes and these are done.

Here are the close ups of the boxes.

These turned out so nice. OK now I am going to fill these with Cherry Bombs.

Well, have a great evening and take a deep breath and try to stay stress free. It's almost over.Santa will be here tomorrow nite!!!


Hopemore Studio said...

Barb those treat boxes are darling, and your cherry bombs sound sooo yummy.

Merry Christmas!!!

Brenda said...

They sound so yummy!!! I'll have to try them out.

Dee in N.H. said...

Those boxes are gorgeous! Very fun and festive looking. Those cherry bombs sound really good too.
Have a really great holiday! I'm almost done wrapping and then I'm done! Yay!

Donna Ellis said...

I like the new look of your blog! Wow! Cherry bombs, eh? I will have to try these next year. So I need to know what die you used to make these cute cookie boxes. How large are the boxes after they are assembled? Cute CUTE Cute, Barbara! Merry Christmas!

Barbara Bruder said...

I made these boxes with an AccuCut Die. The boxes are 3" cubes excluding the handle. The paper size it takes is 8 1/2" X 14". I have looked at the die and have decided it can be cut in 2 pieces and taped together (probably), especially would like to do that if I see a great Designer Paper to use.