Saturday, April 21, 2012

Stuff I picked up

Hi Everyone,
What a busy week. Hope you all had a great time checking out the sneak peeks and hopefully you hopped along in the blog hop Thursday nite.

Well last Sunday I went to the monthly antique show here in N. KY. It was packed and the weather was perfect, except for a little too much wind for some of the vendors. I went in search of small stuff and really didn't see much that fit my needs but I wanted to show you what I did pick up.
That hand written sheet really caught my eye. The penmanship is absolutely perfect, and it's dated by the person who wrote it, 1914, almost 100 years ago. I find that totally amazing!! I found those wooden ABC blocks for cheap cheap, cheap, a few thimbles and some lace that will find it's way to some cards. One other thing I bought which I have yet to photograph is a hand crocheted purse. It's black and in above average shape. I have a few places that I need to stitch up and it will be like new. As soon as I get that done I will show that off.

Well that is it for now. I will have to go to some of my other haunts to look for more little "stuff".

See you soon,


Hopemore Studio said...

Good for you!! Seems like Burlington was the place to be this past weekend. Love that letter, great find.

E. Marie said...

How fun!! Great way to find great card embellishments. My husband loves to do this but he always looks for things related to old Buicks. Can't wait to see the purse.