Saturday, May 26, 2012

My First Ever Scrapbook Layout

Hi Everyone,
Hope you are having a great holiday weekend. I am going to a party today and I am looking forward to seeing some friends I haven't seen for a while.

In the meantime, I just wanted to share with you a scrapbook layout I made for Sparkle N Sprinkle. Let me tell you, this has been more than a little challenging for me. LOL This is my first ever scrapbook 2 page L/O.

When I received this project, I had decided that the theme was going to be a pirate theme. Back in 2009 I had taken pictures of replica ships of the Nina and the Pinta and those ships reminded me of pirate ships.So it was important that I find those pics. And believe me, I was bound and determined to find those pic's. (Took me 2 weeks to figure out where the pic's were, they were in a flash drive and of course it was the last place I looked.)  Next, since I wanted to print my pic's out using my Kodak printer, I needed to transfer the pics from the flash drive back to an SD card. Wasn't so sure that would work, but it did. (Will wonders ever cease. LOL) After I printed the pic's out I then had to decide on the layout. Since I was working with a Pirate theme I knew I wanted to use stamps from set 458 - Treasure Hunt and set 459 A Pirate's Life. These sets are both Pirate themed stamp sets and I just thought they would tie in perfectly with the ships pic's.

Well, here is the end result of my hard work and worrying over this project.

Whew, I could never be a scrapbooker. Too many things to remember... and think of ....and find.... and have in the stash and........... OK, I guess it's the same type of challenge making a card. LOL

Have a great and safe weekend and I will be back soon with more cards and less scrapbooking. LOL


wendyp said...

You did great!!! Thats why I pretty much why I do more cardmaking than scrapbooking these days. Add in the fact that it takes me forever to commit to a design and glue everything down. I will literally push the elements around on my layout for days before finishing it, lol!

Hopemore Studio said...

Morning Barb!! Your pages are fantastic. I agree with you about searching through the stash..can't tell you how many times I'd finish a page and then find something that would have been perfect.

Dianne Beans said...

Barb, your pages are fabulous. Love the way you used the "burlap" paper. It was a perfect fit.

April said...

Wonderful job, Barbara! Ahoy, Mate!

April said...

Wonderful job, Barbara! Ahoy, Mate!

Brenda said...

You did a great job!!! Especially love the first one - the wood grain - the journal "page" - it's just a bigger card with photos LOL.

Donna Maligno said...

Terrific job, Barb! My soul is with you on this one, girl! I did one entire scrapbook and I swore it was my last. I think I'm into instant gratification and only a card can do that for you - LOL!