Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tutorial for the Tri-Fold Scenic Card

Hi Everyone
Yesterday I posted a tri-fold card. Today I am going to show you the steps I used to make the card. It's easy, really!!

Here is the card again, completed

OK lets get started.

Step 1 - I started with a 4.25"X11" piece of card stock, scored at  4" and  7" .( I hope you can see the score marks)
Note: You will not fold the card til the card is colored and cut.This makes stamping and cutting easier.

Step 2 - I stamped the main image in the center between the scored lines.The image I chose actually fits between those scored lines. If your image is larger you may have to mask off the side areas to keep your image in the center.The center that you are looking at is the inside of the card.
Note that stamped the image about 1.25" from the bottom of the card.

Step 3 - Turn the card over and mask off the whole center panel, lining up the sticky edge of the Post-It notes with the scored lines.

Step 4 - Stamp the right side of the CS.I stamped the image at the bottom  of the card. By stamping the side images at the bottom and the center image up farther you will get a perception of depth. I wanted to have the scene look like the mushroom garden had lots of mushrooms so I kind of off set the image when I stamped this side of the panel. Remember this panel is the right side as you are looking at it, but when the card is folded and turned around this panel will be on the left side of the card.

Step 5 -  Stamp your image on the left panel keeping in mind how the scene is to appear. I left a larger space on the left side of this panel to accommodate the frog.

Step 6 -  I stamped the frog

Step 7 - I colored the center panel. For this card I used Copics, but you can use whatever coloring medium you prefer to use.

Step 8 - I turned the card over and colored the left and right panels.
Note: In using Copic markers you run the risk of bleed thru. You can add another panel to the back to cover that up, but the side panels would be harder to do that to. If you decide to do the side panels, then make sure to add the CS before the cutting step so the cut would be a smooth match.

Step 9 - Fussy cut the images on each side. I started at the edge of each panel and fussy cut along the image to the center of the card. Next I cut down the scored line from the top of the card to when the fussy cut is.

Step 10 - Now it's time to fold the side panels in. And your card is finished.

Have fun with this. I hope you agree that this card is really easy to make.

Thanks for stopping back today for my tutorial.

                 Here are some

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