Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I'm Back

Hi Everyone
Bet you were wondering where the heck I've been. Well, I went to Tennessee to visit my friend, Dianne, for a week. Two days before I left, my computer started acting up. Then it got worse, so as I was leaving, I dropped my computer off at the computer hospital to be operated on. So the whole time I was gone my computer was not with me. I used an i-pad to check on emails and the bare essentials, but all my info and STUFF was on my computer. I arrived back home 1 week later and the computer was still recouping and I finally picked it up yesterday. It's horrible to be without your trusty friend at your fingertips. I lost my address book and a few other less important things but, slowly but surely, me and my computer are finally together and getting things put back in their correct place.

While I was in Tennessee, I stamped and taught Dianne some great techniques, we had a great time. It was good getting away especially to visit my friend Dianne. She and her husband are the most gracious hosts you will ever want to meet.

You may have noticed that my last post was missing the photo. My apologies for that. That post was written before the computer problem but the card wasn't ready til after the computer problem arose.. So let me show you the card I designed that should have been in the last post.

Since the theme was circles for the Cornish Heritage Farms bi-weekly challenge, I made a circle easel card. I will add this to the original post as well.

I want to thank you all for being followers and I hope you will stop back soon. Now I need to get some new cards designed.

See you soon



Brenda said...

What a pretty easel card! Glad your back :)

Donna Maligno said...

You know, I thought I was hallucinating and was blaming my iPad for not bringing up the pic from that post! Glad you set me straight. Love the card. And it sounds like you and Dianne had a great visit.

April said...

Welcome back! I know you had a great time with your friend. Your card is so bright and cheery. I love the layout.

Dianne Beans said...

Love your card. So very pretty. Glad you had a good time in Tennessee. That is my home state.

E. Marie said...

I am so glad you explained the missing picture. I thought maybe I was losing it!! The card is lovely and I am glad your computer is all better!!