Friday, December 14, 2012

More of the Christmas Cats

Hi Everyone,
I have another bag making class tomorrow over at Stamping Buddies from 1-3. Hope you can make it if you live in the Greater Cincinnati area.

A few days ago I posted the reindeer cats and I mentioned that the cats have another get up as well and I said "wait til you see the other get up I picked up for them". Well here it is,

It's Santa Coco 

Here is Santa Buddie

Yep,these are two of the Santa cats that help out each year with the gift giving here at my house.

Here is the hat and beard 

without a cat being coerced into wearing this get up. LOL

Well I just had to bring a smile to your faces today.
Have a great weekend and I will see you soon.


Brenda said...

Cute :0

Anne Temple said...

Too cute. Santa Coco does not look like a happy camper!

April said...

Buddie seems to be okay with the hat, but Coco looks like Grinch!!! LOL! At least they are eating Christmas light cords like my Pepper. She got a mighty shock the other day!

Donna Ellis said...

Poor ole Christmas kitties. LOL Your kitties tolerate YOUR antics so well, Barbara. They are adorable, as only kitties can be. Did you have to drug them to get them to sit still like that? Too funny. My kitty would never have sat still for that.

Dianne Beans said...

Cute pictures. Hope you had a great Christmas. Will you be coming to the scrapbooking event in Kalamazoo in February?