Saturday, April 13, 2013

Rainbows to Cupcakes

Hi Everyone,
Thanks for stopping in today. Today's card is made from image 2( or part of it) in the CDAC Progressive Freebie Challenges. This challenge runs April 1 - June 30. The image is courtesy of Back To Paper. Image 1 and the card I made can be viewed here

It's seems that lately I have been thinking, or maybe I should say seeing, outside the box. Lately, when I see an image I also see other ways to use the image, or part of it, in a different setting than it was intended for.

For instance, I received this image of a few clouds with a rainbow in between..

 OK, yes I saw the obvious, however, I wondered if the larger cloud could be used for...............

 icing on a cupcake????


I used the cloud for the icing, colored it and added glitter. I hand drew the cupcake base then penciled in and scored the lines for the cupcake paper folds and colored it. I made sure to leave a little of the cake part showing and colored that area a brownish color. That candle, well, its a piece of card stock rolled into a very small tube. Next I added glue oozing down the front it and let it dry. Then I colored the dried glue with a white pen. Used bakers twine for the wick and added a little black to the tip to make it look as if the candle had been lit.

I found a panel that had been punched and was patiently waiting to be used. Added a back to the panel, used some DP and printed the sentiment out from my computer. The cupcake has a soft bend in it to give a 3-d effect. So I was able to go from a cloud sans the rainbow, to a cupcake in short order. Bet you can too. LOL.

Next time you see a stamp or a digital image look closely, you may see another way to use it other than the obvious.

Have a great day,

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Anne Temple said...

This is so creative! Love the candle and the wax dripping down. Too cute!

Deb Ochs-LaGrone said...

I think it's great that you think outside the box! Shows real artistic talent that you can do that with something you see instead of doing the obvious. Bravo! This turned out adorable.
CDAC DT Member
A Look Through My Eyes

Lynnel Lynch said...

Oh My, your are so creative! Very inspiring!
Love your card. Thank you so much for sharing.
Thank you so much for playing the CDAC PROGRESSIVE CHALLENGES
CDAC DT Member

Donna Ellis said...

Oh Oh Oh! This is so fabulous! I LOVE your cupcake card! Beautiful colors, glittery, punches - SO DARLING! Your birthday candle is especially cool! Happy Birthday to anyone! hugs, de

Julie Z said...

Oh I do LOVE a good "re-purposing" of images and you did a fantastic job with this one! Not only a great idea for the image, but awesome ideas to finish it out! Great card Barbara!!

Pia S said...

What a clever idea to use the cloud to make your cupcake! It really looks yummy!

Donna Maligno said...

LOL! You have officially come out of the box! Great thinking and cute card.n hugs.

E. Marie said...

Very creative!! Lovely card.