Tuesday, July 2, 2013

It's a Beachy Theme

Hi everyone,
Thanks for stopping in today. I am back with my July Craft-Dee BowZ post. The theme this month is The Beach and I decided  to start a little book to house photos from a beach vacation. I've just got two pages started and since this book has a ring for the binding it can be expanded to accommodate more pages.

USArtQuest has been so gracious in sending the team some of their great products to use on our July projects. USArtQuest is the number one source of Mica based products and they also offer quality art supplies I used products they sent and a few of the ones already in my stash.

In my book I used stamped images and USArtQuest product on the front of each page. The backs of the pages will become the spot for the pictures from vacation.

Here is the front of the booklet. I am showing a mermaid under the sea. 

Here is a close-up of her:

I made this mermaid by using the USArtQuest DicroFibers. I had never used these before and let me say WOW!!! easy to use and so so pretty. Look at the shimmer!!

Next I wanted to incorporate Prills into the scene, so I used Perfect Paper Adhesive (sometimes referred to as PPA) to adhere my seashells to the chipboard. While the PPA was still wet and after I placed the seashells, I added the Prills to various areas to add additional visual interest and more color. Prills are little beads of a few tiny sizes and they have no holes. (How do they make those?? LOL)

Here is a close-up of the shells ladened with Prills. They look like colored pearls, don't they??

Let's check out the 2nd page of my little book.

I used a digital image of a fish and colored it using the USArtQuest Pearl Ex Watercolor Palette. The shimmery watercolors were perfect to use on this digital fish image.I also used the same watercolors on the seashells. Notice that chunky sand at the bottom. That's Mica Flakes and again I used the PPA to adhere that to the chipboard. The red net oh thats from a bag of onions. LOL

Here is a closer view of those Mica Flakes. I used 2 different colors.

Let me show you the bow I made. It's kind of different and it was so fun to come up with this fun style, and the great thing is it can be made using the Craft-Dee BowZ tool. So, here is another type of bow you can make.on the CDB tool. This style reminded me of Ribbon Candy so I named it the Ribbon Candy Bow.

I used twine on the burlap ribbon to make and tie the knot. I think it goes with the beachy theme.

I want to thank you, USArtQuest, for all the fabulous product that you so graciously sent for us to use this month. I rounded up all my other USArtQuest products and now have them all neatly stored together so they are easy to find. It's amazing how many different products I had already and now I have even more. YUMMY!!!!

Thanks for stopping in today, see you soon.

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Donna Maligno said...

Two incredible and spectacular projects Barb! It's not easy incorporating a bow into a beach theme, but you rocked it! So creative -- I find myself being drawn into each project again and again and always seeing more elements. You made is so cohesive! Great job.

Asha said...

Wow! What a rich project. So many details and everything comes together so beautifully. I am so amazed a how much you've put into the projects. Thanks you for sharing ... Such an inspirational post.
xxx Asha

Shona Erlenborn said...

Stunning Barb. What a creative way to use all those wonderful products. I especially love the Dicrofibres, the prills and your "ribbon candy" rocks!

Donna Ellis said...

oooooooooooooooo! I love this, Miss Barbara! Thanks for explaining about the fibers, and how you created it. I have some, and need to stamp on them, too. hmmm, thanks for the inspiration! Your booklet is going to be so much fun looking at, just for it's artistic flavor (love the prills and mica flakes!) hugs, de

Anne Temple said...

Wow, this is amazing looking! Love all the products you incorporated into your mini book.

Gerlinde said...

Absolutely fabulous, Barb! Definitely something to treasure! Love all the elements!

Linda said...

Barb I love it. I love the colors and the shimmer. I love how you used the prills with the shells. I am a big fan of USArtQuest products and you did a spectacular job creating with them. I love your mermaid, she is floating under the water.

Julie Z said...

Fabulous start to your book Barbara! These first two pages are just fantastic with all the great details you've included. What a wonderful keepsake for your beach memories!!

Gita said...

Wow, this is stunning. Now I found more stuff I want. LOL.

Donna-Marie said...

OMG!!! Those fibers are beautiful..what are they and how did you use them...stamping??
That mermaid is incredibly beautiful and the "pearls" wow I am in LOVE!!!!