Saturday, August 31, 2013

Craft-Dee BowZ Challenge for September

Hi Everyone,
September is here and fall is knocking on our doors. So since fall is getting ready to make it's appearance I thought I'd make a fall themed card.

Well since it's the first of the month, you know what that means, time to check out challenges and announce winners etc.

Over at the Craft-Dee BowZ Challenge this month, the theme is Anything Goes with a Handmade Bow. it's always my favorite theme!!! Let me share with you the card and bow I made for you. 

I made a multi-loop bow for this card. Now, what I did differently is I used 2 different ribbons stacked one on top of the other. The orange is a wired ribbon (my fav kind of ribbon, I might add) and that skinny green ribbon looks great as an accent on the top. I actually layered these two ribbons together as I wound them around the pegs on the tool. I wrapped the ribbon 3 times. That will give a really full bow. I tied it as usual and fluffed it out and look how this turned out.  Perfect!!! Since fall is around the corner, we received some orange, yellow and green ribbons to use on the September Craft-Dee BowZ projects. Perfect for the fall season. 

On this card I used a Great Impressions scarecrow and decided to have him hang out of a window. I actually cut 2 windows and made it appear that the window is open with him hanging out. This card is a 6"X6" card. 

I use the Craft-Dee BowZ tool on all my bows. It is the perfect tool. Easy to use and extremely portable.
Click here and go to the side bar, look for the Buy Now button to start your order.

The Craft-Dee BowZ Challenge starts at midnight for the September  challenge. Please take a moment, click here and check it out. Submit a card!! You never know, you might be the next winner of a Craft-Dee BowZ tool. 
It makes bow making a breeze !!!


Shona Erlenborn said...

What an amazing card Barbara. The bow is beautiful!! Love how you ran the green through with the orange - very creative. .... and the little scarecrow hanging out the window - right up my alley! Love it all!

Donna Ellis said...

Such an adorable card, Barbara! Great idea for the little scarecrow guy to hang out his window, and that bow surely is wrapping things up beautifully for Mother Nature! The leaves look marvelous - so beautifully colored, and arranged in the bow. I'm jello that you get to enjoy those rich vibrant colors soon, while we remain green. hugs, de

Donna Maligno said...

Barb, this bow screams Autumn sunshine -- I can just see the sun sparkling off the leaves with your concept on this card. I don't know how you do it, but you wow me every time with your bow making skills on that Craft-Dee BowZ! Love the scarecrow hanging out the window too!