Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Wedding Card

Hi Everyone,
Back on September 7,  I posted a wedding invitation design that I made for a family member. Well the wedding was last evening and I want to share with you the card I made for the bride and groom.

The brides colors were purple and gray, and since I had some of the wedding invitation card stock left,  I used it to make the wedding card.

I decided on a book card design a while ago. These are really quite easy to make. Really they are!!! So here is how the book card came out.

Card front - closed

Here is a side view showing the pleated frame that makes the look of pages.

The inside left side of the card.

Inside - right side of the card.

Close up of bottom corner

Close up of  top corner

Card fully opened

Since this card is thick, it will not fit in an ordinary envelope.
 I needed something along the lines of a slim box.
Below is the box. I made the box so the card was able to slide down into the box,
 mainly for protection of the card.
This is how I presented it to the bride. 

box with lid off to side

This box is about 1/2" thick, just the right thickness to accommodate the card.

The card slides down into the box perfectly.
I made this box very plain since this was my first attempt at this size box. Next one I make will be more elaborate. (And it's all about the card, anyway, isn't it. LOL)

The wedding was beautiful and the bride was gorgeous.
What a wonderful evening!!

Thanks for stopping in today so I could share this special card with you.

Have a great week and I will be back soon.

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Shona Erlenborn said...

Wowser Barbara! It's gorgeous. Love the intricate book idea for the "card". It was clever of you to use the brides colors for the card. The box is perfect with the tie bow.

Brenda said...

Fantastic!!! Love the elegant deep tone colors and the box was perfect for the card - kicked it up a couple of notches and it was already beautiful.....well done!

Donna Ellis said...

How beautiful your lovely keepsake wedding card and envelope are, Barbara. Lots of creativity and finger love went into it. Deep, rich colors, and a wonderful wedding blessing on the inside. It will really be something they cherish. Is the inside left card done in a silver metallic CS or is it vellum? The embossed part looks fabulous, so that's why I was wondering if it is a special cs. Thanks for sharing! hugs, de

Sandy (Cheesy) said...

Hey, Barb, this is a really stunning card. I have never made a book card and just may need to try it out. Really love the embossing on this card too. Can't wait to hear your answers to De's questions.

Eret said...

Stunning work, Barbara. Love the simple look of the card front with these darling little flowers. Inside of the card is stunning as well. It was really clever of you to make a matching box for your card.