Friday, November 22, 2013

The Snowflake Hat

Hi Everyone!!

Have you been working on holiday projects?? Maybe getting Christmas cards ready???  Today I finished the components for my last class being held Saturday.

Just as I just finished Saturday's class project, my friend Denise called and asked me to help her put together a hat for tomorrow for a Crazy Hat Day where she works. She mentioned my Derby Day Hat and how she really liked that, so, I made suggestions as to what to buy and she came over tonite to make her hat.

Since we are in the throws of the holiday season, I suggested a snowflake theme. And that's what she went with.

She bought fun foam, a sparkly drink cozie, glass ornaments, battery operated LED lights and a few other things. I had ribbons, and embellishments ready for her to use as well. Let me share with you a few pictures of the finished design . This hat was too tall to fit in my light box so we had to improvise to be able to get some half way decent pic's. My apologies that these pic's are not that great. Poor lighting and a not so good background really make for some below average pic's  but the hat is the main thing.

Here is the finished hat. You may notice the snowman on the top of the hat, he was fashioned from 2 clear ornaments. I even made the snowman his own hat. Denise threaded the lights into the snowman components and it turned out so cute all lit up.(We used that snowflake punch to act as a base to hold the hat while we took pictures.)
The scarf on the snowman is a long piece of glittered ribbon that I braided to make the scarf.

The actual hat itself and is made of a drink cozie and fun foam. I cut the fun foam into a circle and attached to the cozie to make the brim of the hat. Next we added glitter to the base of the cozie,where the snowman is sitting, to act as a snowbank. I also fashioned a hat for the snowman using the ornament hanger cap as the base of his hat. I attached fun foam to that to make the tall part of the hat( known as the side band)  and cut a circle for the brim of his hat. I added seam binding for the hat band and added a snowflake to finish it off.

My Craft-Dee BowZ tool is what I used to make the lace ribbon bow.  We added sprigs and small ornaments to fill in around the brim and I added snowflake ribbon to add to the snowflake theme.

Denise wanted to make this hat for a contest at her work tomorrow,and I sure hope she wins. This hat is not crazy, but in my humble opinion, it's too cute.  I hope she sends me pic's of her in this hat!! If I get some, I will show them here on a new post as an update to this one.

This was a fun evening, spent with Denise helping her make this unique hat!!! This is the 2nd hat I have put together using fun foam and a drink cozie. They are so easy to make and the designs and themes are endless. Hmmm I wonder what my next design will be. Maybe a steampunk hat!!! LOL

I also made some cookies late this afternoon and I will be back tomorrow with pictures of those and the recipe. Let me just say this, they are yummy!!!!See you tomorrow. Have a great day!!


Shona Erlenborn said...

What a fun hat. So creative, light-up too! She's bound to win! was everything glued together Barbara?

Dana Tatar {datatar} said...

This hat is just too fun! Thanks for sharing!

Donna Maligno said...

What a scream! You were so good to help her with this project and it turned out a prize-winner! And look how you used your Craft-Dee BowZ AGAIN to add some pizazz!, great project!

Donna Ellis said...

OMG! Barbara! How fabulous THIS is! Be careful walking under door jams and entering elevators! This looks like a dolled up Dr. Seuss hat! Especially with the hat on a hat! LOL great design. hugs, de