Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My first post

Well I feel blog challanged and this is my 2nd attempt at posting a blog. Lets see how well I do this time. (LOL)

The Creative Word Book

Two nights ago we had a class for the Creative Word Book. With this book you choose the word (4-7 letters) and I will  prepare the book for you. You will receive a book that will be ready for you to embellish and add photos. What a cool give to give or receive. 

109_05171Here is the book that Joyce D. made for her daughter.

109_05181_2 Look what Joyce L. has done

109_05191_2 Brenda F. worked her magic on this book.

Classes for the store are posted on the web for May & June.

Well it appears that I now have the uploading photos under my belt. OK uploading is a breeze, placement is definitely a challange for me. HMMMM.... (LOL)

Have a great day everyone

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