Sunday, May 11, 2008

Tomorrow the Tags are due

Img055 Happy Mothers Day to all. It has rained here off and on all day. It is a great day to get stamping projects finalized. Tomorrow is the monthly meeting of the altered group, Altered States of Mind. At past meetings we were to bring altered tags that comprised the whole alphabet. We did 2 tags a month and and traded our tags. That means we did not keep our own tags. (I didn't scan my art work so I don't have any pics to share, wahhhh.) We just wrapped up the alphabet last month and to compliment the alphabet we are including numbers 1-9 & 0. We are making 3 tags per meeting to speed this along. Numbers 1.2 & 3 are due at the meeting tomorrow nite. I decided I want to make my tags in a series so they will all be similar and will all have metal as the main component. I love working with metal but haven't done any metal work in a while and I feel these could be much better. Since I wait til the last minute, I have no time to make better tags for this month. However, since I now know what the rest of the tags will look like, I will finish the other numbers over the next few weeks just to finish this series ahead of time. We will be doing a group project tomorrow evening working with watercolors. It will be interesting to see how this turns out. More on that on my next post.

I am still gathering my "stuff" together for my wall hanging. I ordered my 12X12 canvases and as soon as they arrive I will get started. My plan is to lay each panel out to see if I will like the composition and then get started. Last nite, I worked on 5 puzzle pieces that someone gave me. I alcohol inked them up to cover up the image on the face of the pieces. They really turned out great. I am thinking they will look great on some of the panels. Time will tell.

Well, its time to start dinner. See you later. 

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