Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patricks Day

Boy I almost forgot what day it is, and I have no green on, oh well. The picture on the left is a pot of shamrocks that sits in my plant window.I bought it at the home and garden show probably close to 10 years ago. This and another one that is actually a deep purple instead of green, are pretty hardy. The other is on the mend right now, it was looking a little scrawny so no pic of that one.
Since I am German and not Irish the day doesn't hold the same importance for me as it does for the Irish. The other day I was thinking that since I am of German descent we really don't have a holiday that celebrates the German heritage. After much thought, I remembered two holidays that Germans celebrate. The first is St. Nicholas Day and I just read some interesting info that this saint is from Italy and after his death and his sainthood many different countries started to celebrate St. Nicholas Day. Read more about it here. It is more of a celebration of Christmas but the Germans celebrate it and growing up, we celebrated it. The next celebration is Oktoberfest and this is definitely a German celebration.Yummy food and plenty of beer. What a great celebration. Various areas in the US have Oktoberfest celebrations. They make for a great day of food and drink and a lot of fun. Click here for more info.

Well, enough about those cebrations, you know, we are just a few days from celebrating the 1st day of spring and I am so glad. I must have spring fever because I am ever so diligently cleaning out all my closets and getting rid of clothes and stuff. This is definitely long over due. (I was afraid the Hoarders show might call on me, LOL)

Speaking of spring, look what is blooming in my plant window.

These are two of eight orchid plants that I have in my kitchen plant window. Four of the remaining 6 plants have buds on them and will be in bloom before long. Orchids are really amazingly easy to grow. I just water them 1 time a week and I feed them once in a while and really thats about it. My plants all need to be repotted but that is easy as well. I will do repot duties after I get these closets finished.

I finished a card for Sparkle N Sprinkle and I will post that tomorrow. I have a few more cards to design ,so, as those are completed I will share those as well. OK my break is over, time to get back to the closets.

Well that's it for now, thanks for stopping by, see you soon,


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Hopemore Studio said...

Wow I love your plants. I had always heard orchids were hard to grow, your's are beautiful.

Today was a fabulous spring-like day I hope you were able to get out and enjoy it.