Thursday, August 5, 2010

Photo Stamps

Have you ever looked at a stamp and knew what you wanted to do with it or how you were going to apply color etc. In other words the stamp was calling to you??? Well I had spied a few stamp sets that I believed would lend themselves to a particular coloring technique that I just love to do. These are stamps that look like photos,you know the ones that have those tiny little dots on the stamp, and no matter how you work the stamp up, it just doesn't come out just the way you want it. I happen to love those kind of stamps. I call them photo stamps. They have all the little pixels (dots) that make up the image. I learned this technique from a friend, Jackie, and wow what a difference this color technique will make on those type of stamps.

Just a couple of notes:
1. Kromekote Glass Cover cardstock gives a very glassy gloss. It is by far, the best ever, for a glossy paper. Marco's Paper carries it.
2. I use Marvy Markers because I have that brand in my stash, this technique will work with Tombow makers and their blender marker as well. However, I have not tried this technique with any other marker brands on the market other than the Marvy or Tombow.

Here is how I achieved the look on this card.

Have on hand:
Black StazOn
Kromkote Glass Cover Cardstock
Marvy Blender Marker.(A Dove Blender will not work)
Markers of assorted colors that you plan on using in your project.

I stamped the image with StazOn Black, onto the Kromkote CS. After the StazOn is dry you will want to start to work in a small area and remember to always use the blender marker before you apply the colored marker. I start with the blender marker and apply circles of blender to the bare image. A little area at a time, about the size of a quarter. Next over that blender area, apply your color in the same manner, circles. Go back over the area you just colored with the blender again in a circular motion and blend out to the edge of the area of the image you are working on. Keep doing the blending, coloring and blending until you are finished with your image. Remember when changing from one color to another you will want to take your blender marker and swipe it on scrap paper til the color is gone, otherwise you will be applying old color with the new color and will wind up with a color you don't want.

Well that is it for now, thanks for stopping by, see you soon,



Donna said...

Barb, I love these stamps. You've used them beautifully with the glossy! Lovely, inspiring cards!

Anonymous said...

Hi Barb, I was so happy to see you at CHA!!!!! How cool was that! Love your blog. When I am in your area I will be calling you for lunch!!!! Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful scenes! I love your delicate and subtle coloring!