Thursday, August 12, 2010

Stampaway day 1............

Well day 1 of Stampaway is over and I assisted in 2 classes and took one class. I assisted Lovely Linda in 2 of her classes. The first class, The Art Journal of Techniques was a great techniques class. Making a booklet with some cool techniques on each of the pages makes for a great reference. Her next class, Whimsical Assemblage Art was really fabulous and a great work of art.

Next I attended a class "Hang Ups"  (A Mobile Pieced of Art). This class taught how to make a very unique piece of art.  I found this very hard to photograph for you to view. This pic does not do this piece justice. I can't wait to hang this at home.

Tomorrow is a full day with classes all day. Two classes will be with Tim Holtz and I am sure they will be packed. I will post Saturday what I made tomorrow. After all the classes are through, the preview party will take place, so I will not be back until midnight. Please stop back Saturday for more pics of finished pieces from the classes I will be attending tomorrow.

Well that is it for now,thanks for stopping by, see you soon,



Hopemore Studio said...

Barb, Great pieces, I really like them both! Did you get to make an assemblage piece for yourself or is that the sample?

You will have to remind me next year when Stampaway registrations are, perhaps we can take a class together.


Donna said...

Looks like you are enjoying a wonderful time! Times it by 2 for me, ok? :-)