Sunday, August 15, 2010

Stampaway Day 2 of classes............

Well day 2 at Stampaway came early for me. And some of you know I am not an early riser. But I dragged my butt out of bed, went to breakfast in the hotel and went over to the hotel for my first class. 8:00 a.m., what a time for a class. This class (Sheer Fusion) was with Nancy Curry and she always teaches a great class. After 2 hours and much fun, I learned to play with alcohol inks a little differently. My masterpiece was done. Its amazing that a few colors of alcohol inks, a couple of pieces of transparencies  a black piece of canvas board and some masking tape can give you a really cool piece of artwork.(Getting up for this class was worth it.)

OK on to class #2. Gaye Medbury was the instructor and she taught us how to make a book called Step it Up. This is another class that I loved. This book is really not quite done. It needs some additional embellishments but the book is together and I love he way it looks and it is really pretty easy to do this book, even though it really looks complicated.

This book opens to pages that are in a step fashion and when you reach the center, you will see a page that explodes open to reveal a beautiful collage.

Amazing how a few folds can bring a book alive and make it so exciting.

OK now it's time for class #3. The one and only Tim Holtz is the instructor. I waited in line for about 30 minutes while the class in the room finished and Tim could get in and get set up for the students who were eagerly waiting for his 1st class of the day. The first person I see is Mario checking all the bins that hold all the kits for the classes.


Next I see Tim and his other assistants going into the classroom to get it set up. In record time the doors open and we are allowed to come in and take our seats.

Charmed Possessions is the name of the class. Class starts and we all get our kits for the first class.We will be making a pin and 3 pendants.

The pin

A keyhole pendant

The Heart Pendant

The Bracelet

I am sitting at a table on the left side of the room up front. We have a great table location. And we are all at round tables. The room is a large room and we don't feel like sardines, yea!!!!!!

After a fast 2 hours, we are done with the class, and we have all made 4 cool things and we all are sorry the class is over. For those of us taking the next class we get to save our seats and go outside while they set up the room for the next class. So we all take a break and go back in after the room is ready again.

The next class I wasn't sure I would like. What, not like a Tim Holtz class?????? Well I am not a person who journals so The Journey Journal just didn't sound like something that I would necessarily like but, hey, it turns out it is a great little journal, a book or whatever you want to call it, but it is too cute!!!!

So whats not to like about this little suitcase.

It just so happens it holds the journal, and the journal is only 2 1/2  X 3 1/2.

A gift from Tim and Stampers Anonymous (Thanks Tim and Ted!!) And yes we received a gift in the first class as well, a grunge board alphabet. NICE!!!

All in all, the classes that I took this year were great and really exceeded my expectations.

Next was the preview party at 7:30  Friday night. It was so nice, and I saw so many familiar faces, vendors and friends alike. I got back to the hotel around midnight carrying a lot of bags. Saturday morning I went back to finish up and got home at 4:15. What a wonderful weekend.

Here is a small slide show that I made for other pic's that I took along the way. Enjoy!!

Tomorrow I will be going to the Burlington Antique Show at the Boone County Fairgrounds. Since the temperatures have been so high, I am getting an early start. I will be meeting a few friends at 8:00 to try and beat  the heat. So stop back to see what I pick up tomorrow.

Well that is it for now, thanks for stopping and see you later,



Donna said...

What wonderful projects, Barb! I wish I could have gone with you! So will ya teach me how to do the brightly colored AI's at your first class? Anyone will be proud to wear the jewelry - absolutely gorgeous! The explosion booklet is also a special thing I want to learn. We live too far apart! SOB! TFS

Anonymous said...

What amazing projects! All so beautiful!!