Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Summer is over......

Well summer is over and fall will officially be here 2 weeks from tomorrow, September 22. Thought I'd make a card that will remind you of a visit to the beach. It's a diorama card. It's 3-D. Have you ever made one of these type cards???This card is really pretty easy to make. It just takes a little longer and a few more pieces of cardstock, that 's all.

Can you visualize this in a Christmas theme?? I will have to make one and post it. The good news is these cards can be mailed. They fold flat and fit into an envelope, how cool is that.

Well that is it for now, thanks for stopping by, see you soon,


1 comment:

Donna said...

Fabulous card and textures! But especially, I like the dimension and external layering in addition to the "internal" layering. Great card!