Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Morning Musings

Hi Everyone,
I have two things for you today.......
1. I just posted a new card over at the ippity do da blog so click here to check that out.

2. I have a new zentangle® design I thought you'd like to check out. I tangled 4 tiles and then framed them. This piece was hard to photograph since the glass in the frame likes to reflect my lighting. So if you see reflections, my apologies.


 The above  4 pictures are pictures of the individual tiles in the frame.

Here are the four tiles under glass together as one art piece. I am so pleased how this piece turned out. The frame is actually a frame with glass on the front and the back and the tiles are embedded between the glass pieces. So, its a see through mounting.  I placed the framed piece in front of a black backdrop to photograph and now it's hard to see the frame. But I know you want to see the tiles and the tangle designs not the frame. LOL

Hope you enjoy this.

Have a great day,


Anonymous said...

I love this Zentangle idea - I think we should do a Zentatangle set for SNS! Shona

Hopemore Studio said...

Barbara, these are beautiful, your zentangle work has come so far. Love how you framed the piece.


Donna Maligno said...

And she has taken off! These are GREAT, Barb! Isn't it addicting? Time for me to get back into it!

Donna Ellis said...

Every time you show these, something new comes to mind. Such a delicate hand you have. The bottom tile, left corner reminds me of a cone shell :-)

Shawna said...

What lovely eye candy!! I have a feeling you are going to hear a lot from me!!