Monday, December 14, 2009

The Tim Holtz Rose

Did you happen to follow or look at the 12 Tags of Christmas that Tim Holtz published to his blog??? Well I sure did, along with a gazillion others. Well, he mentioned he saved the best til last, and I agree. The rose tag was/is spectacular. So I set off to try to replicate the rose. I followed his instructions almost to the T and here is my rose.

Pretty good for the first attempt, if I do say so myself. Now I have to finish the tag and adhere this to it. I wanted to make sure the rose came out OK first.

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Ornament Making

Well tonight the Altered States of Mind group is getting together for our Christmas party. We were to make a Christmas something, so I made an ornament. I used an Altoids tin and covered the front with metalic tape that I embossed and colored with alcohol inks.

I also added a beaded border at the bottom. These beads are attached to ribbon and I just attached with double sided tape the bottom of the tin. These beads started out green but I wanted blue so I first sprayed with Denim Color Wash to see if the color change would work on these plastic beads and it did!!! Next I covered the edges of the tin with blue ribbon and added an extra loop for hanging on the tree.

The back of the ornament is just covered with printed paper.

Last I added embossed paper to the inside and made 3 labels from my Dymo label maker. I cut metallic strips 3/8 " wide from the metallic tape and used it instead of the Dymo tape. The words say "Snowmen Fall Unassembled". How appropiate. I also added a few snowflakes here & there to complete the look.

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Altered Dolls

101_1172 101_1173

I love doing these altered dolls. Too cute and pretty easy. This doll is going to my friend "Lovely Linda" for her birthday, a little late, but you know the old saying, "better late that than never".(Shhhhhh don't tell her its coming.) There are so many things that you can add to the body,which is just a clunky block of wood. That makes these dolls so exciting and fun to make. This one is in the celestial theme.

Hope you like this and thanks for stopping by. See you next time.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Altered States of Mind Retreat

Altered States of Mind is a club that meets at the store once a month for about 2 hours. A few months ago we all decided to have a retreat and hold it at the store and be together from 9:00 a.m. til 5:00 p.m.The date agreed upon was Saturday Oct. 17.  Carla offered to teach us a few things and we took her up on her offer. It was decided that we would make altered dolls, a water color transfer, and wire beads. So we all brought in the raft of things needed for each of our "classes" and so began our altered day of fun.

 Below are the photos of my dolls. I will post more later on the watercolor transfer and the wire beads.


We all started out with wood blocks. I brought in about a dozen that were about 2.5"X3.5" and about 1.5" thick. Another size which was more square and larger was also made available to anyone. I made 2 dolls and used the size mentioned above. We then took porceline dolls purchased at the dollar store, and totally disassembled them and used the limbs and the heads.(To me this seemed so sacrilegious at first, as a child I would never do this to my dolls.) But the end result is so cool. After some paint, doll parts and ribbon and effemera, here are the end results of my creations.  

101_1168 101_1166   

Its amazing how doll parts and various other items can really transform a block of wood. The altered doll on the left still needs a few more things before she is complete and the angel on the right still needs a halo, but this gives you an idea as to what I was up to on Saturday.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cloth, no paper and stamps

Well it's been eons since I posted. Sorry about that. Last saturday I took a drive to Columbus Ohio with my friend Barb B. to take a class from one of my favorite instructors, Amy Flowers. She teaches classes in the altered arts theme. I had received a postcard from Amy outlining some of her upcoming classes and I called and signed up for 2 classes. Heavy Metal Book and She's Come Undone. Believe me when I say I really wanted to take these classes because the 1st class started @9:00 am so I had to leave here at 6:30. I hate getting up early. I would rather take late classes and stay up half the night. Oh well, the drive was 2 hours and Barb & I caught up on things and in no time we were at Amy's studio.There were 5 or 6 of us in the class and three of us were named Barb. When Amy mentioned the name Barb we all answered.It was to funny.

Amy gave us canvas & cloth and stamps & inks and and we did a wee bit of sewing, and below is the end result. (Make sure to click on the individual pic's for a much better view.)

106_1877 106_1878 106_1879 106_1880 106_1881 106_1882 106_1883 106_1884 106_1885 106_1886 106_1887

Well this was so much fun and I had no theme in mind but used a slew of stamps in my stash. Quite a few of the stamps are from Innovative Stamp Creations. I really love their stamp line. As soon as I finish the other book I will post it for your viewing pleasure.

Hope you enjoy viewing this little book as much as I did making it, thanks for stoping by and I will see you soon.