Monday Morning Musings

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A turkey Revisited
I live in the greater Cincinnati area and ever year the Cincinnati Enquirer, our local newspaper, holds a contest, Dress the Turkey.......(read more here)

Monday Morning Musings

I have a new zentangle® design I thought you'd like to check out. I tangled 4 tiles ....(read more here)

Zentangle®  Today
Since coming back from the zentangle class, I have made a few new tiles. They are called tiles because the size is about a tile which is 4X4. I actually bought a 6X6 spiral bound journal and am using it to draw my designs. (read more)

Where I've been.................

I was away in Mass. attending the certification class for zentangle. The class was 2.5 days and was great!!! 60 people were in attendance and there were from S. Africa, Australia, England, Tasmania, Canada........
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