Thursday, September 14, 2023

A Fractured Bag Topper

 Hi Everyone

Thought I'd pop in to share my stamping club project. For the September meeting the theme was to use vellum on our project.

Well I used vellum paper to make the flowers and the holly leaves and the holly swirl

And I also decided to make a bag topper and use the "fractured" design. 

Well as I am sitting here writing this I see that I did not take a pic of the bag topper actually on a gift bag. But I did take a pic of the topper itself. 

So here is the topper

This slides down on the bag handle and it will dress up a plain gift bag. 

Since I do not have a pic with this adorning the bag, I went and made another bag topper similar but not identical.

The scalloped oval is a die cut of an oval bag topper. I wanted a rectangle so I used the oval for the height and width. The rectangle is appox. 7.5"X10"


Where those 2 small circles are on the white bag topper, I marked those spots on my rectangle. I then folded at that spot. The topper folds all the way across where those small circles are. I cut between the 2 tiny circles which gives this the capability of sliding the piece over the handle and it will hang down the bag front. 

I added DP layers and a square and then used stamped holly swirls and poinsettias (stamps and dies from Heartfelt Creations)

I added the 1/4" strips to the square to make the fractured look and then finished with those holly swirls and poinsettias

And you now have a decorated gift bag. Ready for the tissue paper and of course the gift.

(This is kind of like making a card front.) 

Hope you like the project and try making your own bag topper to jazz up those plain gift bags.

Have a great upcoming weekend.

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